Most women with PCOS struggle with losing weight at some point. I've struggled with losing weight throughout my PCOS journey. I've felt trapped in my body and constantly battled the scale. When I stopped taking birth control, every day I felt like the scale kept. moving. up. Then, one day I came across The Ketogenic Diet.

Adopting a ketogenic way of eating has been tremendously successful for me. I've lost over 50lbs and I feel in control. I want to share my knowledge and experiences with you so that you can gain control and live a happy and healthy life with PCOS.

This bootcamp has been created in order to help you decide on the best diet for your PCOS journey and to walk you through step by step holding your hand if you decide to embark on a Keto journey.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty of specific strategies you can incorporate in your daily life to increase your weight loss and decrease your PCOS Symptoms.

By the end of this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why losing weight with PCOS is so difficult
  • The basics of how your body responds to insulin and the benefits of insulin sensitivity
  • How to incorporate foods that increase your insulin sensitivity
  • Exactly what I ate to help me lose over 50lbs including meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists
  • What your doctor won't tell you about metformin

Register For The Weight Loss Kick Off

Live webinar Wednesday, September 27th

Bootcamp: September 28th-30th

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Chris Joseph dropped the birth control and started managing her PCOS naturally after feeling lost, unhappy, and overwhelmed. Through properly managing insulin resistance and adopting a Keto diet Chris has lost weight, decreased facial hair, regulated her cycle, and had fewer cystic breakouts. Today, Chris incorporates easy to apply and effective strategies to lose weight and live a happy and healthy life with PCOS.

Follow her journey on instagram: @HelloKetoDiet

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