So, the last couple months have been crazy and I haven’t been updating the blog as frequency as I’d like. No worries, I have a plan for 2017! In the meantime, check out my quick weight loss update and find out how I’ve lost 40lbs with the Keto Diet!

Real PCOS Weight Loss | How I lost 40lbs with the Keto Diet

The Best PCOS Diet Plan

By now, you should know that I SWEAR by the  Diet. If not, catch up with these two blog posts:

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When I first began the Ketogenic way of eating, it was a little shaky. I found success in the diet, quickly losing weight, and eating yummy foods BUT the problem was, emotionally I was disengaged and not feeling very good about myself. I allowed stress to get the best of me and I didn’t fully commit to the journey.

Fast forward a few months, I’m in a totally different life space, I’ve lost 40 lbs, and I love Keto! Mentally, I had to shift some thing before my body could fall in place. I’ll be posting a year end review pretty soon so I won’t get too much into that now. Now, I do want to let you in on the things I did on daily basis that aided me in keeping it keto and losing 40 lbs with PCOS.


Exactly how I Lost Weight with PCOS and The KEto DIET

  • MyFitnessPal: Every day, even if I don’t complete an entire day’s diary, I check my macros in the myfitnesspal app. This app is a life saver, I scan or type in what I’m about to eat and I can quickly see all of the nutritional information. Myfitnesspal makes me feel in control at all times. I can avoid the hidden carbs and make better choices on the go. I love that the nutritional information for popular fast food and restaurant dishes are right at my finger tips.
  • Instagram: My instagram page, @HelloKetoDiet has been a huge source of support for me. I’ve been able to connect with other Keto-ers and encourage an inspire others to get started on their journey. I share a majority of my meals on a daily basis and post tons of progress photos. If you don’t follow me… you should! : )
  • Meal Planning: Every week, I sit down and select a couple meals that I want to eat that week. I don’t prep all meals or portion everything out. I simply sit in front of my bullet journal with Pinterest open, and I write down a couple lunches, dinners, and occasional breakfasts (I tend to stick with avocado, bacon, and eggs as my first meal of the day). By planning out meals, I avoid that last minute hunger decisions. At all times I keep: pork rinds, bacon, eggs, frozen burgers, tuna, avocado, and chicken stocked in my kitchen.
  • Lots of Photos: Seeing progress in photos can be super encouraging when the scale just doesn’t move. For two whole weeks in November, I didn’t lose a single pound. My body was adjusting from a sushi buffet and retaining lots of water. The scale didn’t move and I was becoming frustrated. Instead of staying stuck, I decided to create side by side images of my progress. I hadn’t realized at that point how different I looked. Now, I’m always participating in Transformation Tuesday, Weight loss Wednesday, or Face to Face Friday on IG. I’m able to encourage others, and stay on track! It’s great.
  • Intermittent Fasting: For the last few weeks, I’ve been toying with intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is restricting your eating window to a certain amount of hours so that your body can do a better job of burning fat and regulating blood sugar (I’ll post a more in depth overview on the blog or on my youtube channel). I am currently restricting my eating to 12pm-6pm. I’m still hitting my macros- no additional restriction on how much I eat, only on WHEN I eat.
  • Youtube: Along with IG, I’ve started two youtube channels. On my channel with my best friend, Solenna we post videos on our keto experiences and new discoveries. You can check it out here: Pinky and Solennerz . On my other youtube channel, Hello Keto Diet, my goal is to post weekly updates or daily vlogs (life has been crazy lately but I have a plan for after the holidays!) Check out that channel here: Hello Keto Diet . Youtube has helped me stay accountable and I love that I can go back and look at past videos to see how far I’ve come.
  • New Recipes: Every week I try to add new recipes and dishes to my meal plan. This keeps my menu interesting and fun. I also try to walk around the grocery store and find new Keto friendly items. Check out this video to see me try out some Keto Snacks.
  • Working out: Even though you can lose weight on Keto without working out, I enjoy engaging in some kind of physically regularly. Working out makes me feel powerful and in charge of my fitness.

HEllo Keto Diet

Yeah, so much for a short list. Lol, I hope this helps if you are thinking about going keto! Like I said, I’ll be posting a year end review of my PCOS journey before New Years so keep an eye out.

Adopting a Ketogenic way of eating has truly been an amazing experience for me. Even more amazing, through my free Keto Bootcamp Challenge, webinars, and youtube videos, and IG private messages I’ve been able to help tons of other people get started on the Ketogenic Diet.

Based on my experiences, I’ve created the Hello Keto Diet 30 Day Program for those that are interested in going Keto and need some support along the way. Click the image below to learn more. The first cycle kicks off Jan. 4th and its sure to be life changing! I can’t wait to help you make 2017 the year you finally lose the weight and fall in love with your body!

So what do you think?

I hope that the information I’ve shared helps to motivate and encourage you to take control of your PCOS and weight loss!

If you have any Keto questions or experiences that you’d like to share please leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!


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