A big reason why I created this website is because I had a hard time finding support from women that looked like me, spoke like me, and were in the same life space as me. 

I’m 26 years old, in my first year of marriage, and I don’t want a baby right now. My husband and I do things like blast music at 3am, leave town for spontaneous trips to New York, and drink Moscow Mules on Monday nights until we pass out (its fun, you should try it). It’s safe to say that right now, we don’t want to worry about changing diapers and picking preschools. We have a 6 year old daughter who we timeshare with her mother; when it’s our time with her we put on our grown-up glasses and fit the role. When we are with our daughter, we enjoy family outings and activities. When its just us… we have no filter!

PCOS isn’t just about infertility

With that being said, it’s time that people recognized that PCOS is not just about infertility! Sure, it is impossible to talk about PCOS without talking about infertility, I get it… people want little versions of themselves. I scroll down my Facebook timeline and get baby fever just as much as the next gal, and then I scroll on and watch videos of Kanye’s most recent antics. That’s life. However, just because I want to be able to have babies when I decide to in the future, it doesn’t mean that I want to think about that right now. For an example: as a woman, just because I want the right to vote, it doesn’t mean I HAVE to vote. I don’t want you reminding me every time I turn a corner that you can help me learn how to vote or that God will bless me with the power to vote in due time. When feel like voting I’ll figure that shit out.

Managing my PCOS is more than just prepping my ovaries for mini-me’s. Managing my PCOS means I won’t have to experience social anxiety because I’ve gained so much weight every time a friend invites me out, managing my PCOS means I won’t have to lock the bathroom door so my husband doesn’t walk in on me removing my facial hair, managing my PCOS means I won’t have to wear extra make-up to hide huge pimples that ruin my selfies, and mostly for me… managing my PCOS is being confident and secure about my femininity.

I’m just not there yet

I’m not knocking anyone that is at the point that they are secure in their lives and they are ready to raise children. I think thats beautiful and every woman deserves healthy functioning ovaries. I’m just not there yet. Right now my husband is playing video games and I’m writing this blog post sitting next to a plate that I should have washed an hour ago. A baby would cramp my style right now.

With that being said, it’s time that people understood that infertility isn’t my only struggle as a woman with PCOS. Honestly, I don’t walk around thinking about trying to conceive all the time. I’m just trying to live a happy and healthy life with PCOS.

You aren’t alone

So, for all my “not there yet” Cysters out there… I’m in the same place as you and you should know that you aren’t alone. I like to have fun, sometimes I’m irresponsible, I curse like a sailor, I have PCOS, and I’m not trying to get pregnant right now.


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