$35 Monthly Meal Plan Subscription

No contract required.


Nutrition can make or break your PCOS success. 

Eating clean, whole, and nutritious meals are essential to living a healthy and happy life with PCOS. 

When you feed your body healthy foods that HELP YOUR PCOS it is easier to balance hormones, lose weight, improve insulin resistance, regulate your cycle, improve ovulation, prevent acne breakouts, and decrease unwanted hair growth

I get it...

I get it...

I get it...

It can be confusing and intimidating to tackle meal planning. (let alone actually meal prepping).

Finding recipes, figuring out measurements, and including the foods that help your PCOS symptoms can be time consuming and flat out unpleasant. 

When you aren't consciously planning your meals it is very easy to slip up, eat pizza and take out 3 days in a row, and promise that you'll do better on MONDAY.

Let's just hope Monday doesn't mean 3 Monday's from now. (Girl, I've been there and done that.) 


I know you want to incorporate healthy foods into your PCOS lifestyle. 

I want to help you be successful. 

So many women tell me that their #1 PCOS goal is to lose weight. Of those women, 80% tell me that their main struggle is DIET AND NUTRITiON

So, I've created this monthly meal plan subscription service. 

That's right, a WHOLE month of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes and ideas delivered right to your inbox. 

Every. Single. Month.

It doesn't get much easier than that. 

I would come to your house and meal prep for you, but chile, ain't nobody got time for that 

Here's how it works:

  • You sign up for the monthly meal plan subscription service for $35 a month
  • Each month, a week before the first day of the month (7 days to be exact) you will receive an email packet containing:
    • 20 PCOS friendly breakfast recipes
    • 20 PCOS friendly lunch recipes
    • 20 PCOS friendly dinner recipes
    • 20 PCOS friendly snack recipes
    • A customizable Hello PCOS monthly meal plan calendar
    • A customizable weekly meal plan calendar
    • A grocery shopping worksheet
  • To save money, you can also purchase 6 months for $175
    • Thats one month TOTALLY FREE
  • No contract is required so you can cancel your subscription at anytime.



As an added BONUS every month I'm throwing in a FREE meal prepping video lesson! Lessons include recipes from the actual meal plan that month. 







Herb Roasted Chick Thighs


Sweet Potato & Egg Scramble


Meal Prepping


Chicken Quinoa Bowl



Why are there only 20 meals in each category?

Girl, lets be real. You don't want to have your ENTIRE month planned out. I'm giving you 10 days of the month to repeat the dishes you REALLY love and throw in a cheat day here and there. 

What if I master meal planning and don't need the subscription anymore?

Shouts out to you for getting the bigger picture! The goal is that if you want to learn how to meal plan this subscription service will teach you! Once you master the art young grasshopper, you can cancel your subscription service. Hopefully you'll tell another Cyster about your awesome experience. 

What if I suck at cooking?

I'm not trying to complicate your life. All meals are quick, easy, and budget friendly (sorry, that means no caviar and foie gras) for my bougie Cysters. 

If I buy the 6 months up front, do I get them all at one time?

Slow your roll, girl. The meal plans are made to compliment the season and flux in food prices. You'll still get each packet 1 week before the start of every month but I'm throwing in one month free for your commitment.  

What if I have more questions?

Email me, I'm always here. Chris@HelloPCOS.com


Enough with the questions,

lets get to the food





As an added BONUS every month I'm throwing in a FREE meal prepping video lesson! 


Lessons include recipes from the actual meal plan that month!