Are you scale obsessed? Do you weigh yourself daily or even multiple times a day? I’ve decided that I am more than a number and I won’t be weighing myself anymore for the next year. Find out why I’m making the change and how you can join me below. 

Are you scale obsessed? Do you weigh yourself daily or even multiple times a day? I've decided that I am more than a number and I won't be weighing myself anymore for the next year. Find out why I'm making the change and how you can join me below.

I’m on a journey of change

I think that it is very important to be kind to yourself while you are on a journey of change. I’ve struggled in the past with being unhappy with my physical appearance and weight and yearning for my “old body”. I’m realizing now that I haven’t been nice to myself. I’ve been tough on myself- I’ve even been mean to myself. Once I gained weight, I stopped investing in my appearance. I stopped being as social; I stop being present within my body and I constantly wished I were in a different body. I started to deny that I was myself. I would avoid looking at myself because I didn’t feel like my body expressed my true self.

As I sit here now, I can look back and understand why I struggled with everything. Not only were my hormones unbalanced, I was unbalanced at my core. I know that when you seek change whether it is losing weight, growing your hair, or regulating your period; you are doing so because you are unhappy with where you are but this doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself bad for being there.

The more I’ve fought myself, the more difficult it has been for me to invest in myself enough for the change to be healthy and long term.

You have to love yourself, invest in yourself, and be kind to yourself every step of the way.

I am more than a number

I’ve made the decision that I will not weigh myself anymore for the next year. I am on a journey not just to lose weight, but also to find comfort and solace in my own skin. I want to get to a place where I feel confident, healthy, and most of all happy in my skin- not with a number on the scale.

Weighing myself has become a personal addiction. Everyday when I wake, I weigh myself. After I poop, I weigh myself. After random meals, I weigh myself, and of course, right before I go to bed, I weigh myself. Every time I’ve weighed myself, I’ve allowed that weight to determine my mood. If the number was lower than before or at my “ideal” expectation- I would instantly be in a good mood. The sun, the wind, and everything around me were celebrating me. However, if I randomly gained 3lbs then the world was a dark place and I never wanted to eat again. I allowed this number on the scale to dictate my entire life.

I allowed the scale to dictate my self worth.

I battled constantly with knowing my weight at all times. Just like most women, I kept my scaled on the bathroom floor and it was always there- staring at me. As much as I was fixated on know my weight at all times, I was horrified of anyone else actually know how much I weighed. I felt like my weight was a secret that I had to keep because if someone found out, they would see me differently. They would look down on me. Why wouldn’t they, if I judged myself so harshly because I knew the number staring back at me?

It’s time to start looking up

My goal is to stop concentrating so much on the scale, and start being more aware of my body, progress, and changes. I want to appreciate my body, it’s strengths, and progress every step of the way.

I want to stop looking down at a scale and start looking up at the world.

My body deserves my kindness and so does yours. I believe that if I listen to my body, treat my body with love and respect, and learn to understand my body; then my body will look and feel beautiful.

On Sunday, June 12th I will be weighing myself and taking all of my measurements for the last time within the next 12 months. A year from Sunday, I will take my new weight and measurements and reflect on my journey.

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Update: Not weighing myself at all prevented me from tracking my Keto Journey effectively. I’ve switched to only weighing myself weekly.

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