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I just wanted to drop a quick post and let you guys know that I was recently published on BlackDoctor.org!

You can check out the article by clicking the title or image below:

PCOS & Social Anxiety: How To Rock Confidence & Drop The Worry

PCOS and Social Anxiety: How to Rock Confidence and Drop the Worry | Are you suffering from social anxiety due to your PCOS? Click through to find out how I overcame my worries and gained confidence with PCOS

I’m sure you already know I have some free resources to give you to accompany that post! Sign up for the email list to receive free access to the resource library. The following resources have been added to the library:

  • Anxiety Coping Skills Cheat Sheet
  • Social Anxiety Coping Skills Cheat Sheet on the Go
  • Anxiety Coping Skills Plan

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Check back later today for resources to help you through the 7 day clean eating challenge that kicks off Monday 3/21!

Comment below and let me know if you used the resources and if you found them useful.



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