We all know that managing PCOS can be a HUGE struggle. That’s why, on the last Friday of every month, I’ll be highlighting a Badd Ass Cyster who is taking control of her life and body. Scroll down to read about Shelby and how she lost over 50 lbs and spreads PCOS positivity across the web. 

Badd Ass Cyster of the Month | Click through to find out how Shelby lost over 50lbs, spreads positivity across the web, and stays healthy and happy with PCOS.

Badd Ass Cysters

What kind of woman takes control of her life and body? What type of woman gives PCOS the middle finger and never accepts “NO” for an answer?  What kind of woman pushes herself and others? What type of woman is aware of herself and what she is capable of? A BADD ASS CYSTER, thats who. From here on out, I want to take the time every month to highlight a woman that I see kicking some PCOS ass. Kind of my way of saying “Hey girl, I see you and you are the bomb dot com”. Now, let’s get this thing popping…

Shelby, PCos Support girl

I’ve been a member of Shelby’s PCOS Positivity FB group for a while now, and I have to say I love the group… there are women spreading love and positivity– and let me tell you there is no negativity allowed! Shelby is definitely a Badd Ass Cyster and will check you if she needs to. At the same time, Shelby’s love and positivity shines throughout the group and she serves as a great motivation for women across the world to connect with other women with PCOS and get the support that they need. Shelby’s personality, kind heart, and spunky spirit is what led me to choose her as the Bass Ass Cyster for the month of April.

Shelby and I recently sat down and I was able to ask her about her journey and learn how she lost over 50 lbs with PCOS, how she manages her anxiety, and the advice she would give herself looking back. Watch the full interview below (20 mins) or scroll down to check out some highlights.

Interview Highlights

Her biggest struggle with PCOS: 

If you would have asked me 2 1/2 years ago, I would be like infertility… that was such a scary and lonely time…

If you ask me now, it’s taking care of my health and being healthy. One of my biggest struggles has been my weight.

The process is slow for girls with PCOS, it sucks, but its true.

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How she stays healthy and manages her weight:

  1. Low carb diet
  2. Supplementing
  3. Strength Training  
  4. Cutting out dairy

How she built the confidence to start strength training: 

I would go at 4am when I knew no one would be there. Sometimes it’s just about taking little steps. 

I downloaded the bodybuilding app. 

It’s just the point of doing it, putting yourself out there, asking for help. 

Some one will help you, they’ve been there too. 

On her weight loss journey

It took me about 9 months to lose the weight and the first 3 months I didn’t lose anything.

Take progress pictures, pick an outfit, judge how it fits you, measure yourself– because there was a time that I lost 8 inches [..] but I didn’t lose more than a pound.

With PCOS, I’ve found that its all  about patience and forgiving yourself. 

I just had to stop quitting on myself, start trusting myself, and start forgiving myself. 

On social media and being “real”: 

Life is messy, and hard, and real, and I cry, and… I mess up and eat pizza. 

I want to be an image of real and un-shit-together-ness

Advice to newly diagnosed Cysters:

If you need support, find it. If you need help, ask for it. 

So, what do you think?

Did Shelby inspire you to get your shit together? Do you want to contact Shelby and follow her online? Check out her info below:

If you know know someone that you think she be the next Badd Ass Cyster of the Month, shoot me and email and let me know!


Thanks for reading and thanks to Shelby for sitting down for the interview!

Learn How To Use The Ketogenic Diet to Finally Take Control Of Your Weight and Improve Your PCOS Symptoms


Peace, love, and happiness!

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